Sensitive Documents - Secure Destruction

Why not just use the trashcan or dumpster for disposal of records?

On-site Shredding - Secure Destruction

Why should we use an on-site service rather than a less expensive off-site service?

Document Retention Plan - Secure Destruction Service

Who in Your Organization is Responsible for Your Document Retention Policy?

Shredding Service - Secure Destruction Service

How to Select the Right Shredding Service Provider

When planning your document destruction policy, the most important decision you have to make is which shredding provider you should use. Regardless of your industry, document destruction is all about risk prevention and protection from liability, for both you and your customers. The shredding company you choose should provide you with the highest levels of […]

document destruction policy - Secure Destruction

Do you have a written document destruction policy?

It’s important for all businesses and non-profits to have a document destruction policy for three main reasons –compliance, protection and organization. A well-written and enforced document destruction policy will save your organization time and energy. It also has the potential to protect you from security breaches, and financial and legal ramifications of non-compliance.

Shredding Service Cheaper- Secure Destruction Service

Why Is A Shredding Service Cheaper?

While you probably know that shredding services make document disposal easier, you may not realize they’re also less expensive for many businesses. The costs of purchasing and maintaining machinery, plus the fees associated with paper disposal, can easily exceed what you’d pay for a shredding service. Using a reputable shredding service also reduces the chance […]

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Messy Desk Security Risk? - Secure Destruction Service

Is a Messy Desk a Security Risk?

It’s a new year! You want to start making some changes for you and your business, including improving the security in your office, but where should you start? Believe it or not, one of the easiest (and most important!) places to start is with your desk! Messy desks can be a liability, not only for […]