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Personal Shredders: Is Your Client’s Information Under Your Desk?

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Carts4Hearts – 2018

Shredding Service - Secure Destruction

Why You Need to Schedule Shredding Service Today!

Many businesses and families have become so focused on protecting themselves from digital theft that they’ve forgotten about the importance of destroying paper documents that contain private information. The fact of the matter is that identity theft happens in several ways. If you haven’t hired a shredding service lately to destroy sensitive documents, then you […]

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Information Paranoia

I am not a generally paranoid person…At least I wasn’t! I don’t sleep in an aluminum foil brain protector or check my office for listening devices, but I have to admit that my level of concern is on the rise. Every day there is a new hack or security breach where personal or corporate information […]

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Stop Shredding Your Documents… Outsource With Confidence!

There are many businesses, just like yours, gradually building up an excessive stockpile of documents that must be disposed of in an ethical, secure, and permanent manner. The risk of not doing so can be dire – identity theft, lawsuits, lost business advantages, or worse!

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Hard Drive Destruction: Are Your Deleted Files Still At Risk?

We’ve probably all seen at least one episode of a popular television show where “techies” successfully obtain and reconstruct evidence from a computer’s hard drive in order to solve a case, convict a criminal, discover a key piece of someone’s past, uncover inner business workings, or learn confidential trade secrets.

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When (& How!) To Dispose Of Expired Corporate Tax Return Information

‘Tis the season for preparing tax returns. If you haven’t filed yet, the clock is ticking! As you try to dig through your stacks of receipts and documentation, or attempt to squeeze just one more file folder of paperwork into the drawer, maybe it’s time to consider disposing of the unnecessary clutter…

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Trash To Treasure: Shredders, Dumpsters And Identity Theft

When you think about identity theft, what’s the first mental picture to pop into your mind? Let me guess – It’s night time. The thief is dressed in black from head to toe, and carrying a small flashlight. After looking both ways, the shadowed figure jumps headfirst into a dumpster in an alley, and soon […]