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Shredding the wrong paper can be costly. Not shredding the right paper can cost you a fortune!

By now most everyone has heard the story of the curious Utah toddler guilty of shredding the wrong paper –  $1000 his parents had set aside to pay for season tickets. The good news for them is that the US Department of Treasury Mutilated Currency Division informed the family that they can very likely get all the money back…in a couple of years. That’s better than a complete loss!

It’s obvious that shredding the wrong paper is clearly a bad idea, but few ever consider how costly failure to shred the right paper can be. Each year thousands of organizations an individuals fall prey to data breaches and identity theft costing billions in part due to failure to protect important data. Implementing a plan to protect data, including shredding old documents and crushing old hard drives, can go a long way to protect you from these losses.

Consider these two simple suggestions to protect your money:

  1. Don’t shred cash
  2. Do shred old documents that contain sensitive information.

Hope these help…

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