Destruction Process

The Triple Assurance Guarantee

Why do you shred? The convenient answer is to securely eliminate sensitive documents. But the real answer, we believe, is to achieve peace of mind. Whether it be identity theft, HIPAA, FACTA, corporate espionage, or just not wanting someone to dumpster dive and find any personal information, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your information is completely and irrevocably destroyed.

Think about it. When you outsource your shredding a complete stranger walks out the door with your confidential information. You hope they are reliable. You hope they are trustworthy. You hope their equipment operates properly. And you hope that the material isn’t going to be put back together somehow. But, as we’ve learned these past few years, hope is not a strategy.

Secure Destruction has a 3-part Liability Eradication System that is designed to turn hope into trust and ultimately into peace of mind. The Triple Assurance comes because of what we do before, during, and after we shred, crush, or incineration your information. Each stage is critical to the security of your information.

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With Secure Destruction, that guy…yeah, the one walking out the door with your paper, is drug tested, background checked, trained and certified! In fact our drug testing and background checking exceeds the requirements of our AAA Certification.

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With Secure Destruction our equipment and facilities undergo both announced and unannounced audits from security professionals in order to keep our NAID AAA Certification, which is the highest in the industry. They everything we do to ensure that we are compliant at each step of the process. Furthermore, we have a $2M Errors & Omissions insurance policy as a backup in case something were to go wrong in the process.

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With Secure Destruction, that shredded paper…where does it go? We only use “Responsible Disposal Agents” as required by our certifications. However, we go one step further again to ensure that your shredded paper doesn’t leave the country. Did you know that 21% of shredded office paper and 70% of shredded mixed paper (a different grade) is exported? We know that you do not want your shredded paper going overseas so we only work with local pulp mills. It never gets sold as filler dirt, mulch, insulation, packing material, pet bedding, or confetti.

Shredding isn’t rocket science but there are a lot of steps and thought that go into doing it the right way every time.

Our Triple Assurance Guarantee is our way of providing you with the peace of mind that you need when choosing us as your information destruction vendor.