Plant Based Shredding

Secure Offsite Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that need ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents. Our Birmingham location is equipped to provide plant-based shredding services and is AAA NAID Certified.

Key features:

  • Complete destruction of paper documents
  • Service performed by trained specialists and equipment operators who have passed rigorous background checks
  • Plant outfitted with precision destruction equipment and comprehensive security controls
  • A documented Chain-of-Custody to establish accountability
  • Secure disposition of shredded materials
  • AAA NAID Certified

Secure Destruction Shredded Materials

Unrecoverable and Recyclable

All collected material is processed in accordance with NAID standards and destroyed to an unrecoverable state. For all documents we shred, we provide a certificate of destruction documenting the fact that your materials have been safely and completely destroyed. After materials are thoroughly shredded, the paper is recycled. SDS works closely with a local recycle center to insure that the shredded waste paper is only pulped at mills in the United States. Most of the time, the paper ends up at a pulp mill in TN or GA, but it is never sent overseas or used as packing material, filler, mulch, or confetti.

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“We take great care to ensure the security of our client data and Secure Destruction not only respects that but takes the same care in their handling of our documents to do the same.” – Conrad, Burnett, Norris, & Gordon, LLC
Certified Public Accountants