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Carts4Hearts – 2018

Shred to Share - Secure Destruction


Secure Destruction provided shredding services as a part of a fundraiser to support Shred to Share a missions effort to take the Gospel to Armenia. The mission team will be distributing SD cards containing the Bible and other resources to Central Asians traveling outside of their home country for vacation.  Team members will be paired with native speakers to hand out the SD cards and invite them to a cafe run by other team members. At the cafe, team members will serve coffee, tea, and cakes to our Central Asian guests as native speakers have spiritual conversations with interested people. These Central Asians will be blessed with the Gospel, Bible, and other resources in a media format they can use in their mobile device or computer

The Shred to Share event raised almost $2,000.00 for the mission trip and shredded over 3000 lbs of paper.

Thank you to all those who came out to support the effort!

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