Product Destruction

Secure Destruction Servcies can destroy any type of product or equipment. Defective, off-spec, returned or out of date products and merchandise can be destroyed in accordance with all federal and state regulations.

Secure Destruction Services offers a full range of product destruction services – we assist you by:

  • Keeping returned, counterfeit, expired and mislabeled products from being scavenged from your dumpster by having them responsibly destroyed.
  • Safely destroying uniforms, identification cards and other items and products that could pose a threat to your company’s security if they were to ever fall into the wrong hands. We’ll make sure they are completely destroyed.
  • Protecting your trade secrets by having prototypes and excess products professionally destroyed.
  • Ensure full compliance with laws regulating the disposal of products requiring special disposal practices in order to comply with laws and regulations. We keep up to date on the latest rules regarding product destruction and can help you ensure full compliance.

Our Certificate of Destruction can be used to show compliance with product recall destruction requirements. Products can be incinerated, shredded or de-manufactured.

To get a free quote or learn more about our product destruction services, please contact us by phone or request a quote.