Product Destruction - Secure Destruction

What do you do when you have a warehouse full of obsolete products that you can no longer sell? Or you have piles of old uniforms that are worn out and have been replaced? Or you upgraded your security system and you’re not sure what to do with all of your old identification badges? Or have prototypes of a new product lying around?

Secure product destruction is the answer – to these and many other questions.

Why not just throw it all in the trash or recycling bin?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming that your garbage is “safe” or that throwing it away means it’s gone for good. People will go to extreme lengths to carry out nefarious activities – whether they are planned in advance, or just taking advantage of an opportunity. Old uniforms and identification badges could be used to try to gain access to your building for a variety of reasons. Your damaged, defective, off spec, recalled or outdated products could end up being sold on the grey market, putting your brand and company at risk.

“Each year, companies invest billions of dollars in managing their brands. Brand management involves a number of different aspects including visual presentation, customer satisfaction, and of course, quality of product. It is the analysis and planning on how a company’s brand and their products are perceived in the market. Many companies heavily invest in brand management to protect their image and remain favorable to customers. Therefore, if finished goods are discovered to be damaged, outdated, blemished, or recalled for safety issues, it becomes critical for a company to protect their brand image by stopping these products from further reaching the marketplace. Getting them out of circulation quickly and disposing of them properly can have an enormous impact on the brand’s future image and sales. Companies that fail to act quickly and dispose of these goods the right way can result in their products turning up on the Grey market with damaging consequences,” according to Cal Micro Recycling.

Protect your business by hiring a secure product destruction company.

Another reason not to simply throw it all in the dumpster is compliance. Governmental laws and regulations may require that certain raw materials, electronics (are your old hard drives a ticking security time bomb?), hazardous waste, and more be disposed of in a very specific way. Environmental protection regulations are increasing, and so are the consequences of non-compliance. A quality, secure product destruction company will know these laws and ensure that your products are destroyed in a compliant manner.

Speaking of compliance, Secure Destruction is one of Alabama’s leading product destruction and secure shredding companies. We exceed government regulations, recycle locally and provide certificates of destruction for your ultimate peace of mind.

Don’t put your brand and company at risk. Have Secure Destruction handle your product destruction for you!

HAVE YOU HEARD? New legislation was recently passed in Alabama!

The Alabama Breach Notification Act of 2018 went into effect on June 1, 2018. What does this mean for your business?

This law is a very significant piece of legislation that will affect ALL businesses (small, medium, and large) throughout Alabama.  Becoming compliant with these new laws can be challenging, complex, and very expensive. As a leading provider of document destruction services, we felt it was our duty to help the small and medium-sized business owners during this critical time. Knowing the challenges that companies face when new regulations get rolled out is one of the main reasons why we vetted out this powerful program called Readiness Pro.

Readiness Pro is powered by CSR Professional Services and combines their award winning Data Breach Reporting Service with their self-assessment Readiness Suite.

Covered entities and their third-party agents must implement and maintain reasonable security measures to protect sensitive, personally identifying information against a breach of security, which includes:

    • Designation of an employee(s) to coordinate the covered entity’s security measures to protect against a breach of security
    • Identification of internal and external risks of a breach of security
    • Adoption of appropriate information safeguards to address identified risks of a breach of security and assess the effectiveness of such safeguards
    • Retention of service providers that are contractually required to maintain appropriate safeguards for sensitive personally identifying information
    • Evaluation and adjustment of security measures to account for changes in circumstances affecting the security of sensitive personally identifying information.
Product Destruction - Secure Destruction

A data disposal provision requires covered entities and third-party agents to shred, erase or otherwise modify sensitive personally identifying information contained in records when the records are no longer to be retained pursuant to applicable law, regulations or business needs.

Let Secure Destruction help your company meet these new standards and grow with the ever-evolving landscape of business. Contact us today!