Secure Recycling

After paper is shredded, SDS works closely with a local recycling center to ensure that the shredded waste paper is pulped at a mill in the United States. Most of the time, the paper ends up at a pulp mill in TN or GA, but it is never sent overseas or used as packing material, filler, mulch, or confetti.

We believe in recycling because recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future. Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses considerably less energy than that required for producing new products from raw materials – even when comparing all associated costs, like transport. Plus there are extra energy savings because more energy is required to extract, refine, transport and process raw materials ready for industry compared with providing industry-ready materials.

With Secure Destruction you can be confident that your documents are completely and securely destroyed and that you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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