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The Clear Benefits of Biohazard Bags for Medical Waste

The Clear Benefits of Biohazard Bags for Medical Waste


Proper Medical Waste Disposal is the Gift of Security

There are a number of distractions taking place during the holiday season, and this possibly causes some of your employees and co-workers to forget to follow medical waste safety instructions. The value of a professional medical waste disposal company comes to light in these moments.

“Ho, ho, oh no”

For example, according to OSHA, (1910.1030(b)), Regulated Waste means “liquid or semi-liquid blood or other potentially infectious materials. This includes “infected items that would release blood or other potentially harmful materials in a liquid or semi-liquid state if compressed.”

It further states “items that are caked with dried blood or other potentially infectious materials are capable of releasing these materials during handling, contaminated sharps, and microbiological wastes containing blood or other potentially infectious materials.”

Moreover, OSHA says “the blood or body fluid can spill, splash, splatter or drip to get into an existing portal of entry” which in turn could infect.

The results of poor management systems for these waste types includes:

  • Sharps injuries
  • Toxic exposure
  • Air pollution
  • Thermal or chemical burns

Risks with sharps includes an infected needle stick injury has a 30% risk of the stick having the Hepatitis-B virus, along with a 1.8% risk of Hepatitis-C. There is also a 0.3% risk of the stick being infected with HIV.

Therefore, replacing the red bags and boxes that serve as sharps containers is the best way to ensure cleanliness. This halts sanitation issues, because the bags and boxes seal infectious items. This also avoids the repackaging of harmful materials before their transport.

‘Tis the Safe Disposal Season

Most are aware that sicknesses do not take any time off.  Medical waste created from surgeries, blood work and other methods includes:

  • Hospitals Labs and research hubs
  • Autopsy centers
  • Blood banks and collection services
  • Nursing homes and assisted living

A secure medical waste company provides you with a certificate of destruction along with the peace of mind in knowing you’ll have a plan tailored to what is needed for you and your staff. For instance, waste managers quickly identify the right sizes and amounts of waste containers, collection boxes and sharps boxes for each room. This employs a new method over a “one-size-fits-most” approach.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Proper waste disposal shrinks the risk of infection to your staff, patients and environment. For instance, the release of bio-hazards or drug-resistant microorganisms are reduced. But, that does not cover all the positives this procedure provides. Being with a medical waste disposal company avoids regulatory fines and shows your commitment to safety and planet health.

People can learn more about what needs to be done to ensure there is a safe medical waste disposal agreement at your facility. Connect with SecureMed in the Greater Birmingham and Huntsville areas for a free quote, as well as complete, compliant and reliable medical waste disposal. For more, visit our website.