Medical Waste Containers and Bins

We provide our customers with red bags and containers for free as part of our “everything’s included, no hidden fees” pricing policy. We carry a complete line of Sharps containers to meet your needs, including everything from 1 gallon to 17 gallon containers and will work with you to determine which containers will best fit your medical waste stream needs.

  • Medical Waste Containers
  • Reusable Containers
  • Disposable Boxes

Meeting all regulatory requirements, our reusable containers have been specifically designed for the safe transport of red bag medical waste from your facility. They satisfy all state regulations and meet all federal OSHA and USDOT requirements.

Unlike many other medical waste disposal companies, we don’t charge extra for our bags, boxes, and reusable containers–they’re part of the convenient flat rate we charge. We also offer sharps container disposal services. Our reusable medical containers are designed to provide safe transport of medical waste. These containers meet all federal, state, and local regulations, and they come in multiple sizes.

We also offer corrugated boxes, which are perfect if you prefer single-use containers over reusable ones. If you use medical waste disposal bags, you’ll be impressed with ours, they’re incredibly strong and well-made to prevent dangerous leaks.